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some screenings are near the knuckle and obviously pushing boundaries but it is only a glimpse here and a squint there. From what I have seen, no genitalia are actually shown. Spice Platinum has lost it's battle with French law and has now stopped broadcasting 24 hours per day. The TP has also changed to 19011V encryption type TPSAES keys updated every 20 minutes. It would seem that the time restrictions may only apply to the French TPS feed for this channel Private spice under some sort of new management have made a number of changes as well as the condom advert.

I love long literate and passionate or rough rp's with... (face is not necessary, if you don't like to). Sapiosexual, small town night owl with a big appetite.

Hey, im interested in a lot of things: - travelling - calisthenics - mixed martial arts And I'm really into having fun and get dirty. I'm a twenty-five year old,human female with no desire to be anyone else. Getting a bit into RP these days:) My intro (link died - will redo soon): U1Egk Just on here to meet people and have some fun. Men Please, I will only accept PMs when I announce that I will be accepting them in the mai... I am an adult model and escort (but not officially).

You can find free babies but will not be something spectacular. Zooby, Latin Baby, Espejito, Honeydew are the most famous brands.

I design clothes and toys for one of these brands, also I made a movie about them. v=ff Jf Aiorh_U I have written before about virtual maternity and childbirth in the Second Life game.

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