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Now Flatline Construct is a Canadian unit performing 4 tracks here. First one is a cold experimental track with many voice samples combined into loops.

Ryan Bloomer is making noise improvisation whether dynamic or random. 2nd track is a dynamic noise blast, really brutal and to me nearly of their best one. First one is a delirious noise improvisation recorded in a harsh way.

I can live here where I am until I find a better place and simply look through him.

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Anger has no place within me, and I am not going to let myself be effected for one more moment by the negetive energies they have brought my way.

So with this blog and of course a bit of magickal cleansing, I have set myself free. Please help Polo win the sweetest fu contest if you are not already commenting on someone in the contest. Love always, Tanya No Imgoodbye to all my friends Cool Flash Generators at BLINGCHEESE.

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