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“In my view, the problem with Britain today…” he drones. Normally, I’d be appeasing this gasbag with the occasional “Oh? It’s the “It” that differentiated Baroness Thatcher from John Major, George W Bush from John Kerry, Lady Gaga at the O2 from her hundreds of imitators performing to tiny audiences in bar back rooms.” Meanwhile I’d be shuffling in my tight shoes, eavesdropping on the fun gang. Tonight, rather than sinking in discomfort, I decide to bask in it. But, as Fox Cabane points out in her new book The Charisma Myth: How Anyone Can Master the Art and Science of Personal Magnetism, it was also the difference between Marilyn Monroe and her alter-ego Norma Jean Baker.Late Saturday into early Sunday could bring some strong storms and flash flooding to parts of our region.This is being pushed by a significant trough digging into the country…

I’m standing in a draughty hall, holding a glass of cheap, white wine and staring intently at a middle-aged man as if he’s the Messiah. The people here are acquaintances rather than friends, and this is one of those social functions I’m attending out of duty rather than desire. The word comes from the Greek “gift”, befitting the notion that allure is something you’re born with, and can’t earn.

How you feel inside is a huge part of being charismatic; which should always be your main focus. There is a little thing called “active listening” and this is when you actively partake by genuinely wanting to get to know someone. I guess my view on this topic is that everyone has a little piece of knowledge they can share with you. It doesn’t matter whether it is how to protect myself in the streets or good places worth visiting in Russia.

There is always one piece of information someone has that I could really use. One great way to keep a conversation going without much work is through prompting others to talk instead.

Charisma to me is about energy and knowing what behaviors ramp up the symbiotic energy that flows within a group.

Mostly being charismatic is about how you feel inside, but there are a few other concepts that I consider vital and some of these are… Talk about things that interest you, do things that interest you.

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