Dating rolex boxes

Rolex Day Date President 18k Yellow Gold Automatic Watch. We carry a large selection of pre-owned Rolex and other luxury Swiss watches.

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More than any other watch, Rolex retains high resale value.

Compared to most other luxury watch brands, Rolex produces the widest variety of watches and collections.

With hundreds of different variations, the pre-owned Rolex Date can be some of the more affordable used Rolex watches on the market.

Advertising: All ads stating that prices are up to a certain percent off pertain to the full retail price of a new watch.Some of Rolex’s top collections include the Oyster-Perpetual, Submariner and Sea Dweller, among many others.In 1956, the Oyster Perpetual Day-Date made its debut.The case has a very nice solid steel strap, as new, not original Rolex and has all logos and numbers with a length of 25 cm when folded out. An original inner and outer Rolex box, documenten folder, translation booklet (German) are included. ' A gorgeous classic Rolex Oyster Date Precision 6694 from IV 1969 with original calibre 1225 Rolex 17 jewels movement.The Rolex Date is one of the most classic Rolex models to date.

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