Earliest paparyi dating dating out of my league

Note: Abbreviations follow The Checklist of Arabic documents.

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Furthermore, the Oxyrhynchus Papyri contains the largest cache of early Christian manuscripts discovered to date.

The Egyptian Museum in Cairo has unveiled the country’s oldest written papyri that archaeologists have found so far, placing the delicate fragments on display last month.

Roughly 4,500 years old, they describe the daily routines of workers during the Fourth Dynasty reign of King Khufu as they worked on national projects, highlighting in particular the physical labor of constructing the pharaoh’s Great Pyramid of Giza.

Additional logbooks provide information about other projects undertaken by the same team of sailors in the same year, including the construction of a harbor along the Mediterranean Sea.

After their discovery in the caves of Wadi el-Jarf, which is the most ancient maritime harbor known to date, the archaeologists transferred nearly 800 fragments of varying sizes in 100 glass frames to the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities.

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