Norton live update not updating

Now you are on this post, so do not take tension because here in this post we have guided and provided you the methods to overcome from the Norton live update problem. For resolving any problem & issue you must have knowledge about the reason of the problem.So the reason of Norton live update is not working may be It may occur when you are running Norton Live update manually The functionality of the Norton live update is to update the antivirus to the latest version automatically.Just follow the following very few steps and you're done.This document explains how to update Symantec Endpoint Protection definitions by running Live Update.But when you are going to update Norton Antivirus then you are facing Norton live update problem and Norton live update not working.The first thing that will come in your mind is to contact Norton Support to get the things resolved.Norton Anti Virus connects to several entities as it works to protect your home and business computers from malware.Some of these connections happen automatically when the software attempts to communicate with remote Web servers.

Updating Norton anti-virus can be done easily from its interface.Norton Anti Virus defends your PC against detected viruses, spyware, bots, worms, and more while minimising the performance impact or getting in your way.The improved Norton Protection System features multi-layered protection technologies that work together to proactively block attacks and detect and remove threats before they can harm your PC.Live Update can only apply updates for a particular version of Norton; it cannot however upgrade a version of Norton to a later version (for example Norton Internet Security 2006 to 2009).To upgrade the product to the latest version, one would have to go to a separate website.

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