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This example shows the admin alerts in Word Press, indicating that there are 12 updates available.

You will see similar alerts in whatever CMS you are using.

Although this principle sounds straightforward, the law recognises that it may not be practical to double-check the accuracy of every item of personal data you receive.

This can be much cheaper and more effective than newspaper advertising.

Updating your database helps you comply with the rules, but also benefits you by avoiding wasting resources contacting someone who has 'gone away'.

It is possible to keep your database up to date by ensuring that you check client details regularly, updating your records as soon as you become aware of changes.

You may think that when you commission a new website, that once it’s launched – that’s it, job done for a few years. Very much like a car, a website needs to be maintained and monitored to maximise its effectiveness and ensure that it continues to run and work as smoothly as possible.

Managing your website doesn’t have to be a full time job, but there are some things that you do need to make time for to keep it as shiny tomorrow as it is today.

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